I am looking for educational programmes which can be conducted online, such as

  • full MSc., degree certificates,

  • postgraduate courses/modules,

  • MOOCs.

Topics I am looking for are on advanced optimization such as

  • column generation,

  • (meta)heuristics,

  • reinforcement learning.

Any recommendations? Feel free to share experiences!

Longer background: I have an MSc. in Engineering during which I focussed on optimization methods (MILP, heuristics, queuing models etc.) in a specific sector. At my work, I get the freedom to develop myself further into the field with the goal of being able to develop (prototype) tooling for decision support at our clients.


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Check Coursera, edX, Udemy, or any other online courses (such as those of Stanford). For example:


For heuristics you can take a look at this course. Also the book "How to solve it : Modern heuristics" by Zbigniew Michalewicz and David B. Fogel.

Reinforcement Learning has similiarities with approximate dynamic programming, these video lectures by D. P. Bertsekas may be useful.


Institute of Applied Optimization

Metaheuristic Optimization - prerequisite: Java programming


Practical Reinforcement Learning - related


For Reinforcement learning and Deep Reinforcement learning, a wonderful online free course on RL by David Silver (the first author of the AlphaZero, AlphaGo algorithms) exists: YouTube links

A more advanced course by Sergey Levine exists for free at: YouTube link

For both course the link to the material of the course is available too.


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