What is the most common package for discrete-event simulation in the OR community? I have found SimPy package.


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Although this question is subjective (as noted in the paper below), I believe that there is enough research done on this topic to make it more answerable.

Dias et al. (2016)

The paper is very much like a systematic review. However, the paper ranks commercial discrete-event simulation software, rather than the open-source SimPy your have mentioned. Results are below.

In fact, apart from Arenaby far the best classification tool with 9.9 out of 10 points – and from the last four tools – SimCAD Pro, GPSS World, SLX + Proof 3D and ShowFlow – the remaining tools are closely ranked.

Here is the breakdown. Content in bullet points is extracted from the paper.

  • Arena, ProModel, AutoMod and SIMPROCESS are the tools with the most presence in the WSC and Plant Simulation, QUEST, SimCAD Pro and ShowFlow are the ones with the least WSC presence.

Note: WSC = Winter Simulation Conference.

  • Three new parameters [...] were added: Scopus, Google Books and number of published books related to the tool. Arena, ProModel and SIMPROCESS are the tools with most presence in these documents databases. In their turns, SimCAD Pro, SLX + Proof 3D and Showflow are the ones with the lowest factor parameter values.

The following analysis was obtained by using existing reviews and surveys.

  • Considering all the obtained average factor parameters values, Arena, ProModel and Simul8 obtained the best results, whilst ProcessModel and GPSS obtained the lowest values.

In terms of social networks such as Google+ and Twitter, the rankings are as follows.

  • The lack of significant presence of some tools in this frame should be stressed, c.f. Micro Saint, GPSS World and ShowFlow. On the other hand, Arena and FlexSim are the tools with the most presence in social networks.

The following analysis (Google search) is very similar to that for Google books so one should expect similar results.

  • Arena, ProModel, Micro Saint and ProcessModel are the tools with higher Google search results. On the other hand, SimCAD Pro, GPSS and SLX obtained the lowest values.

Calculating the proportion of search results, Arena wins again.

  • Arena and Simio are the tools with the best result for these parameters, indicating that these are the 2 tools with most growth in search results over the last 5 years. [...] ShowFlow got the lowest value.


[1] Dias, L. M. S., Vieira, A. A. C., Pereira, G. A. B., Oliveira, J. A. (2016). Discrete Simulation Software Ranking - A Top List Of The Worldwide Most Popular And Used Tools. Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference. INFORMS.


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