I've finished Wolsey's book on Integer programming. It's a theoretic book. I aim to learn how the ideas presented in the book can be applied to solve real-world non-academic problems. I am looking for examples (codes, papers, etc.), any resource that can bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Some of the problems in our repository (problem definitions, datasets) are based on conversations with real-world business users or end users:

These directly:

  • conference scheduling
  • flight assignment scheduling
  • rocktour
  • meetingscheduling
  • tennis

Others indirectly, through the academic challenges that defined them (such as pas, nurserostering, course scheduling, etc IIRC)

There are also a bunch that we just invented out of thin air (cloud balancing, dinnerparty, etc)


Some good places code-wise to start would be SCIP, Couenne, and MINOTAUR, because their code is fairly well written. If you're feeling really hardcore you can also try reading BONMIN's code but that's pretty undecipherable.


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