Does CPLEX OPL provides support for info callback? By info callback I am referring to callback allowing to retrieve information of the current solution at a given step of the optimization process.


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I am not aware of if informational callbacks can be invoked directly via OPl-CPLEX the same as the low-level programming language. For more details, you can check What informational callbacks can return on the IBM host. As far as I know, to access some low-level information in OPL, you have two ways.

1- Using the Main block to call some functions like:

main {         
writeln("Current solution : ", cplex1.getObjValue()); 

2- linking OPL with a low-level language like Java to call some functions:

IloOplModel opl = oplF.createOplModel(def, cplex);
System.out.println("OBJECTIVE: " + opl.getCplex().getObjValue());

For the first way TSP by adding a lazy constraint and for the second distMIP example on the C:\Program Files\IBM\ILOG\CPLEX_Studio201\opl\examples\opl_interfaces\java might be helpful.

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