I am using SDDP.jl for my research project in which I am developing a state-of-the-art actor critic algorithm which I am going to benchmark with SDDP but for it I need to plot graphs which require data to be in excel or csv form.

Is there a way to transfer the output stream into excel file?

I have searched the whole internet but found nothing.


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Use the log_file keyword argument to train: https://odow.github.io/SDDP.jl/stable/apireference/#SDDP.train

Or, after training, use the write_log_to_csv function: https://odow.github.io/SDDP.jl/stable/apireference/#SDDP.write_log_to_csv

p.s., in future, feel free to ask SDDP.jl-related questions by opening an issue: https://github.com/odow/SDDP.jl/issues.

  • $\begingroup$ thankyou very much dear Oscar, the issue has been resolved $\endgroup$ Commented Aug 29, 2023 at 9:08

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