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Aug 10 '21 at 21:47 answer Laurent Perron timeline score: 2
Aug 10 '21 at 16:36 comment added David Torres Thanks @A.Omidi! I am aware of the two versions of the precedence constraints, the one I've written is the weaker.
Aug 10 '21 at 16:31 comment added David Torres Hi @LaurentPerron (a) yes, it is a great example, but the partially renewable case isn't covered. (b) I've added a small explanation at the top and an example constraint. Partially renewable resources "are renewed after a subset of time-periods, as opposed to standard renewable resource which are renewed after every time period." So we need to add the variables to different resource constraints depending on the start time. Kindoff enforcing the cumulative constraint for the different domains.
Aug 10 '21 at 13:29 comment added A.Omidi @David Torres, would you see this link?
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Aug 10 '21 at 12:03 comment added Laurent Perron (a) have you looked at the rcpsp_sat.py example ? (b) can you describe what a partially renewable resource is ?
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