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How to combine MIP solver with a CP one?

I am working on the scheduling problem in the class of parallel resource scheduling models. When I have studied some papers regarding that, I see the method that combines an MIP with a CP. The ...

mixed-integer-programming solver scheduling constraint-programming  
user avatar asked by A.Omidi Score of 3
user avatar answered by Sune Score of 1

How Widespread Is the Application of MDPs in Medical Decision Making?

I'm curious about the current prevalence of Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) in medical decision-making. I've seen several research papers on this topic but was unable to find evidence of real-world ...

reference-request markov-decision-process implementation practical-or medical-application  
user avatar asked by mdslt Score of 3

SCIP do not branch

I am trying to solve Nurse scheduling problem using SCIP. The SCIP solve it in pre-solving stage itself and gives optimal solution. I don't want that to happen., because I want to use the branching ...

combinatorial-optimization scip presolve-preprocessing  
user avatar asked by azra aziz Score of 3
user avatar answered by A.Omidi Score of 4

Continuous optimization with a Euclidean TSP objective

I am trying to solve a problem of the form $$\min_{x_1,\dots,x_n} f(x_1,\dots,x_n)$$ subject to a constraint that $\mathrm{length}(\mathrm{TSP}(x_1,\dots,x_n))\leq c$, where $x_1,\dots,x_n$ are all ...

mixed-integer-programming integer-programming quadratic-programming traveling-salesman multi-objective-optimization  
user avatar asked by Tom Solberg Score of 2

Convexity of p power of the q norm (0<p<1, q>1)

I encountered a minimization problem involving the following function: $f(\mathbf{x})=\|\mathbf{x}\|_q^p$ Here, $q>1$ and $0<p<1$. Naturally, each entry of $\mathbf{x}$ is greater than $0$. I ...

convex-optimization convexity  
user avatar asked by Piko Mone Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mark L. Stone Score of 3

Is there a way to find out which original constraints are violated when a feasibility cut is generated in benders?

I've been dealing with Benders Decomposition and I've been wondering, if I have an unbounded solution of the dual subproblem, is it possible to find out which constraint from the original problem is ...

mixed-integer-programming duality benders-decomposition  
user avatar asked by Arctic_Skill Score of 2
user avatar answered by prubin Score of 1

Superscript use in optimization formulations

What are common uses of superscripts in mathematical optimization formulations? None of my optimization books start at the level of "proper" variable labeling. When I ask ChatGPT, it ...

user avatar asked by Bryan R Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Linear Programming with additional "if-then"/"Default to zero" constraints?

What approaches can I use for a Linear Programming problem with the additional constraint that if a decision variable falls below a certain threshold, then it should just be forced to 0. I'm ...

linear-programming convexity  
user avatar asked by Skander H. Score of 17
user avatar answered by prubin Score of 9

Why is open source operations research software so far behind open source statistics and machine learning software?

Like many who participate in this site, I work on projects in both operations research (OR) and statistics/machine learning (ML). The different states of open source software in these fields are often ...

mixed-integer-programming combinatorial-optimization software  
user avatar asked by Robert Bassett Score of 28
user avatar answered by mtanneau Score of 33

How can I do the jump from academia to industry?

While looking through the job offerings, I noticed that everybody seems to be looking for experienced professionals, senior engineers, or at least three years of industry experience. Was this just a ...

industry or-careers  
user avatar asked by PSLP Score of 11
user avatar answered by Nikos Kazazakis Score of 18

Will there be Rust APIs for state-of-the-art solvers?

The Rust programming language is gaining popularity. As the title says, I wonder if state-of-the-art, say MILP, solvers will eventually release APIs for the Rust programming language. Solvers such as ...

solver api  
user avatar asked by k88074 Score of 7
user avatar answered by ErlingMOSEK Score of 12

Where is the original Dantzig Simplex 1947 paper?

I see from here and many other sources that Dantzig invented the Simplex method in 1947. After much searching, I found that the earliest publication is this in 1956. Does anyone know where the ...

reference-request simplex history  
user avatar asked by jkschin Score of 14
user avatar answered by TheSimpliFire Score of 16

Genetic Algorithm

Is there any Python library as published on PyPi, with genetic algorithm (GA) or GA inspired solver that helps with constrained optimization? I am aware of Matlab's GA solver and also aware that costs ...

python constrained-optimization evolutionary  
user avatar asked by Sutanu Majumdar Score of 5
user avatar answered by Kuifje Score of 6

A Stack Overflow user's curious problem of maximising unsortedness

User ddofborg posted on Stack Overflow a programming question which hides a combinatorial optimisation problem. The idea is the following: given a list of URLs with their respective domain names, he ...

quadratic-programming assignment-problem  
user avatar asked by Alberto Santini Score of 11
user avatar answered by Alberto Santini Score of 6

Can you answer these questions?

Benders Decomposition using Cplex

I wanted to know whether the Automatic Benders Decomposition from C-plex allows us to solve the sub-problems in parallel over multiple cores. From what I know, one can set the number of threads in ...

cplex benders-decomposition  
user avatar asked by Vivek Score of 1

pyinstaller and Pyomo and also SCIP

I would like to package (using pyinstaller) my optimizer program that uses Pyomo and SCIP. I keep getting ...

python pyomo scip  
user avatar asked by mathlete42 Score of 1
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