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Top new questions this week:

Is Linear Programming as Useful as it was 50 Years Ago?

Based on the plethora of advancements in optimization algorithms and computer technology that has occurred in the past 50 years - is Linear Programming today as "Powerful" and "...

asked by stats555 17 votes
answered by Philipp Christophel 28 votes

Are Metaheuristics and Evolutionary Algorithms the "Gold Standard" for the Traveling Salesman Problem?

Are Metaheuristics and Evolutionary Algorithms the "Gold Standard" for the Traveling Salesman Problem? I am interested in learning more about how we have been able to solve the (famous) ...

optimization combinatorial-optimization traveling-salesman metaheuristics genetic-algorithm  
asked by stats555 9 votes
answered by Philipp Christophel 21 votes

Efficiency of Forward vs. Backward Recursion in Dynamic Programming

I have a question that has been bothering me for a while: In our OR-introduction course, we introduce the concept of Dynamic Programming via backward recursion: Working backwards from a final state (...

asked by derhendrik 7 votes
answered by fontanf 5 votes

Optimal stopping with two variables

I'm not sure if this is a question more appropriate for QF or OR but here we go: Assume we have some money and we would like to make more money with this amount! We have two options: leave this amount ...

optimization dynamic-programming stochastic-process continuous-optimization  
asked by Vultra Uiolet 7 votes

"Types" of Problems where Evolutionary Algorithms (significantly) Outperform Non-Evolutionary Algorithms

In the field of Optimization and Operations Research : Are there "Types" any Problems where Evolutionary Algorithms (significantly) Outperform Non-Evolutionary Algorithms? For instance: ...

asked by stats555 5 votes
answered by prubin 9 votes

History of the (Famous) Simplex Algorithm?

What Real Life Problems Motivated the Creation of the (Famous) Simplex Algorithm? I was reading about the (famous) Simplex Algorithm : My Question: Were there any real world problems that people (e.g....

optimization linear-programming  
asked by stats555 5 votes
answered by 4 votes

"Sensitivity Analysis" vs. "Machine Learning"

I have the following question that compares how "Sensitivity Analysis" is perceived in the field of Optimization compared to that of Machine Learning. Sensitivity Analysis in Machine ...

optimization sensitivity-analysis  
asked by stats555 4 votes
answered by Shibaprasadb 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Which Python package is suitable for multiobjective optimization

I would like to start using Python for modelling and solving optimization problems. I would like to use both single-objective problems and multi-objective problems with a multidimensional objective ...

python metaheuristics multi-objective-optimization  
asked by PeterBe 15 votes
answered by dhasson 12 votes

Recommendations for OR video channels (YouTube etc.)

The other day someone asked about recommended blogs to follow. The older generation tends to prefer blog posts, but the newer generations tend to watch videos instead. And we want to help the newer ...

asked by Geoffrey De Smet 11 votes
answered by Steven01123581321 9 votes

MATLAB vs. Python in industry

I am a beginning PhD student in math, and I would like to focus on optimization. I am learning programming for the first time, and I have written out some rudimentary optimization algorithms in both ...

optimization python matlab industry  
asked by Blue 30 votes
answered by Nikos Kazazakis 49 votes

Make a living as a math programming freelancer?

I would like to know how the (job) market for operations research works. My dream would be to work as a freelancer in the area of math programming. I have a PHD and several years of proven experience ...

asked by hpor 31 votes
answered by Sean Kelley 29 votes

What are the reasons OR industry projects fail?

You probably have done some OR projects within the industry or - if you are in academia - for the industry. I'm wondering if you've seen some patterns of why such projects fail (or at least do not ...

applications industry  
asked by JakobS 36 votes
answered by Andrea Rendl-Pitrey 38 votes

Python API and CPLEX

Note: See the EDIT below for one possible solution. I apologize if this is not appropriate but I don't really have anywhere else to turn. I was hoping that someone would be able to post how they ...

cplex python  
asked by GrayLiterature 8 votes
answered by Xavier Nodet 9 votes

Integer programming problem

I have the following exercise: Stockco is considering four investments. Investment 1 will yield a net present value (NPV) of \$16,000; investment 2, an NPV of \$22,000; investment 3, an NPV of \$12,...

optimization mixed-integer-programming integer-programming constraint  
asked by Slim Shady 5 votes
answered by RobPratt 9 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Reference of Optimization in the Bible : Moses and Coins

A few days ago, I was reading some articles/stackexchange posts on the "history and origins of optimization". Somewhere, there was an interesting reference to a biblical/old testament story ...

optimization reference-request  
asked by Noob 1 vote

Lagrange for quadratic programming with linear constraint

First of all, thanks for the help in previous post. The problem I'm facing is some legacy codes used Lagrange multipliers to solve a weighted regression problem. New requirements changed and I'm ...

optimization regression  
asked by inf 2 votes
answered by inf 0 votes

Average time between two dispatches in a taxi fleet (an $M/D^b/t$ queue perhaps)

We have a fleet of taxis with $t$ taxis available. All taxis are identical in the sense that they have the same capacity of $b$ and each taxi is dispatched only when its capacity is full. Each taxi ...

asked by Vitamin Z 2 votes
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